Yes you can record a DVD window. However, the native DVD Player in Mac OSX may block the video from being recorded. The solution is to use a different player on your Mac to play the DVD that you want to record from. We recommend VLC Player. It's free and works great for playback of almost any media. Here are the exact steps you will need to take to record from a DVD on your Mac with Replay Video Capture for Mac:

  1. First make sure that you have Replay Video Capture installed.
  2. Download and install VLC Player from here.
  3. Insert your DVD and select it to play in VLC Player. Choose File > Open DiscĀ from VLC's menu.
  4. Now you'll need to change VLC Player's audio device to use the Soundflower 2ch device (which is used by Replay Video Capture). From the VLC Player menu choose, Audio > Audio Device > Soundflower (2ch).

  5. Now play your video and record as you normally would with Replay Video Capture.